Anthony Colby's Macy-Colby House in Amesbury, MA

Anthony Colby was born September, 1605 in Horbling, Lincolnshire, England.  It is understood that he left London (Isle of Wright) and came to Boston around 1630 on the ship Arbella, the flagship of the Winthrop Fleet.  He remained in Boston until 1634 when he took the oath of "freemen" and then moved on the Salisbury and then Amesbury.   Anthony Colby was one of the first commoners of Amesbury, Massachusetts received land in the first division of Amesbury in 1640 and 1643.  One of these lots is pictured below.   As a supplement, I am linking to a PDF of my current page on Anthony Colby.  There is a very nice full map of Amesbury and Salisbury dated 1854 at the Harvard Library Finally, there is a extensive and accurate database managed by Ronald M. Colby.


Revolutionary War Patriots
(Photo Courtesy of Jeanette Marsh Shannon)
Peter Colby was born 18 Mar 1709 in Amesbury, MA and died 14 Oct 1791 in Sandown, NH.

Lineage from John Straw to Peter Colby is has not been submitted to the

DAR for approval, but the documentation is on my site and personally owned books.

John Colby, Peter Colby's son was born 23 Feb 1733 in Amesbury, MA and died around 1798 in Sanbornton, NH.

John Straw was born 22 Aug 1756 in South Hampton, NH and died 25 Mar 1823 at age 86.
Revolutionary War Patriot Record Volume 51 W22339

Moses Jr. Straw was born in Apr 1762 in Hopkinton, NH.
(This is John's brother and is not in my direct line although he is a descendant of Anthony Colby.)
Revolutionary War Patriot Record Volume 51 S43178