Henry Washington's Family
(1916 L to R: Henry Washington Poplin, Josephine Elizabeth Hodge Poplin, Abie Bartow,
Friend, Joe Felder, Willie Bell, Hunter China, Connie Lee, and Aunt Hager holding Edna)

Henry Washington Poplin was born September 1862 in Anson County, North Carolina. He died on December 22, 1930 in Sumter County. Henry walked to Sumter, South Carolina in 1882 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge of the banjo and the fiddle. He met his wife Josephine Elizabeth Hodge in Sumter.

Henry is a descendant of George Poplin born about 1720. George purchased 550 acres of land in Orange County, NC in 1761 and died between 1775 and 1777. He married Every and their children were named William, John, Jane, Nancy, Gorg, Richard, Abe, Mimy, Henry, and Every. He came to North Carolina from Virginia. We think he lived in either Albemarle County or Goochland County in Virginia before moving to North Carolina around 1735.

If you have any data on a George Poplin from Virginia or Pennsylvania, please email me.

1958 Family Reunion - Courtesy of Carol Bochette

Laura "Lollie" Kennedy, Josephine Elizabeth Hodge "Grandma" Poplin
 and Barbara Kennedy (~1942) - Courtesy of  Laura K LeGrand

Abie Bartow Poplin
Courtesy of  Marian Zwayer

Hunter China Poplin
Courtesy of Carol Bochette

Joe Felder Poplin
Courtesy of  Carol Bochette

Edna Poplin (~1943)
 Courtesy of Laura K. LeGrand

Willie Bell Poplin
 Courtesy of Laura K. LeGrand

Connie Lee Poplin (~1953)
 Courtesy of Laura K. LeGrand

The Poplin Family of Sumter, South Carolina
Posted In Honor and Loving Memory of
Edna (Guitar). China (Banjo) and William Poplin (China's son - Mandolin)
 and  Family and Friends

Albums Recorded
1964 Folkways label - "The Poplin Family of Sumter, South Carolina"
(FA02306) Order Information)
**Album Insert - Band details, Photos, and lyrics  (PDF  File)**
1966 Melodeon label - "Gwine Back To Sumter" (MLP 7331)

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Mississippi Sawyer
Sit At Home
Crawdad Song